Tuesday, 23 April 2013

[XBOX] Shenmue II has Arrived!!

Welcome back gamers and collectors!

To yet another addition to my XBOX collection, and here I have... SHENMUE II! About time right? I was surprised by how I won the auction for it. Usually it's auction gem, people scramble for it. Even better yet, Shenmue II hardly ever shows up for auction, and even, even better yet when it does it's incomplete. So this was a win-win situation here and I'm glad I finally have Shenmue II.

So after calming down I own this game complete, and Australian release I should add. I started reading the manual and just got stuck into it, like a good comic not sure why though. It also helped that it's in colour too, black and white manuals are just stupidly cheap. SEGA hardly do this apart from OutRun 2 I believe, for a A+ title like Shenmue that just CANNOT be done. I'll be honest though, I haven't played Shenmue before, so I won't be playing this until I play Shenmue. I can't comment on gameplay or anything of that nature just yet.

I'm shocked, literally shocked by the condition of this game. It's like new, even the cover doesn't have any marks on it whatsoever  DVDs are not marked either. This would have to of been one of the best gem wins in a long time.

More games to come during the week, see you there!!


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  2. I found this at my local Cash Converters a few years ago.
    Complete, 8/10 condition overall.
    The price?