Friday, 19 April 2013

[XBOX] Need for Speed: Most Wanted has Arrived!!

Welcome back gamers and collectors,

To yet another addition to my XBOX collection, and here I have "Need for Speed: Most Wanted".
Before we get into the information about the title, I've seen time and time again that this goes for an insane amount of money (for the XBOX market). $15, $20. It's just not worth that much at all. It's a common title for one thing, and why do people want it so badly? I picked this for $4, and I'm dead fucking serious... Hell I thought $10 was pushing it...
Personally, I believe this is where Need for Speed started to slip but, that's not what we'll talk about right now, because this is about Most Wanted.

I played this first on the Playstation 2, for those who just went out bought a game from the store there was always the Black Edition beside this. Sold for nearly twice the price, you're better off with more affordable option. Since all Black Edition did was add a useless Camaro (which you can't use in story mode nor modify), 3 pissy vinyls and a whole loop of the town. Oh and the making of DVD included wasn't anything special really.

Even though this style of need for speed was new for the time (real life actors in a game environment in the story). It added a great story, before we had Underground and Underground 2 with animated scenes and yes I had the hots for Mia, who didn't? I think EA did a great job with styling of this. This being released on the most powerful console at the time, I didn't see much more detail at all. I also own this game on Windows and well I'd suggest you get it for Windows, a lot of mods, and you can drive traffic cars including the police vehicles.

Another interesting item that comes with the standard edition of Most Wanted for XBOX is that it comes with a teaser flyer for the game "Black".

More games to come during the week! See you there!!


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  2. I ended up with TWO copies of this disappointing title.
    How and why?

    Saw one for $10 buy it now and snapped it up. Then a week later saw it at Cash Converters for $4.00!
    I bought it out of frustration and spite which is plain silly. But I rationalised it by saying to the gf "okay, $14 total means $7 average and I might sell one for ten bucks?"

    What I don't like about this game is this: you're forced to use triggers for accel/brake and face buttons to shift gears OR sticks to accel/brake but again, face buttons to shift!
    That's tricky.
    I wish they allowed sticks for steer/accel/brake and triggers for gear up/down.
    But no! EA gotta be different :/

  3. Oh and Black is meant to be simplistic but awesome, also by Criterion who did Burnout 3.

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