Thursday, 5 January 2012

A look at different XBOX Development Kits

Hi gamers!

XBOX has really been sticking to me recently, it's a very interesting system and some of it's versions are very cool to look at. It's (to me) always been the biggest system and takes a lot of abuse. There are systems that the general public haven't *ever* seen before, of course these would be the development and debug kits that are rented out to game developing companies.

This unit I'm about to show you is the DVT-4 unit, it's a prototype, Microsoft Asset development kit rolls right of your tongue. Gamers out there thought the public XBOX was big, just wait till you see this.

It's a little taller at the top mainly for the extra outputs/inputs at the back, possibly due to on the fly debugging, which you'll see below.
I'm always on the look out for one, and I've come across a few. They go for a ball park figure of $350-$400, so just a little more than a Playstation 3 to today's standards. One day, I'll get my hands on one it's a great piece of 128-bit history. Don't you think?

Next we have an Alpha Tower XBOX development system, which is basic looks like an ordinary PC. It's not at all and everything is highly custom. People in the past have tried to create one from scratch from "off-the-shelf" parts, of course without the custom BIOS and CPU it just wouldn't work. Yes, this one is also a beast!

Alpha II and XBOX Debug Kit box.

Images from ASSEMbler


  1. The logo is MS own font (you can get a SVG(vector, means scale without pixel porn) from a flash promo movie from 2001ish ) and Development kit font is close to or just Arial with a space between the characters and italic. :D

  2. I found a Xbox development kit and want to sell it!