Tuesday, 16 April 2013

[XBOX] SSX 3 has Arrived!!

Welcome back gamers and collectors!

To yet another addition to my XBOX collection, and here I have "SSX 3". You may recall in my post about Amped, I mentioned I enjoyed snowboarding titles. SSX series I've never played, Let alone SSX 3. I remember friends telling me the series was rather good, it had great modes and addicting gameplay. I also don't understand why there are so many divisions of EA. EA Sports, EA Sports BIG. What the fuck is BIG anyway? Their ego?

I managed to pick this title up for just $5, and I believe this is on the only SSX game that didn't reach the classics range. That's all well and good for a collector like myself. Since many stores swap discs over :/

Condition of the game is acceptable and not perfect, but it's fine for $5.

More games to come during the week, see you there!

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  1. The first several months of my site there were no comments; just give it time; now they come in like crazy every day! Thanks. Xbox one